Artifact Motherhood

In-home Documentary Photography

Hollie Stokes Photography Tulsa, Oklahoma 

I have been fortunate enough to have close relationships with my grandmothers, mother, and aunt-- women who have shaped my own journey as a woman and mother. When my maternal grandmother passed away, I began a quest of finding bits and pieces of her and her history. I'd find pictures of her own mother and quickly genealogy became a side hobby. Every time I'd dig up a letter or photograph, my imagination would run wild. I was looking at the handwriting and thoughts of the women who came before me. Looking at my history through the few artifacts they've left behind. I'd imagine the questions and conversations I'd have with these women. I’d imagine their joys as well as their struggles as women and mothers.

This is where Artifact Motherhood started to emerge. What will I leave behind for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? What imprint will I leave on our family history? I quickly learned that I want them to have something concrete. I want to talk directly to them. I want my voice to be heard long after I'm gone. Not just a few pictures with dates written on the back. I don't want to leave my loved ones guessing. I imagine a great grandchild reading my words and clinging to my love, passions, and visions for this family. I assume this is a hope for a lot of mothers-- to leave their trace, legacy, and love to future generations.

Artifact Motherhood is a three hour in-home documentary session. Where I photograph your most intimate moments with your family. After the session we sit down for an interview. We discuss your journey as a mother, as well as the hopes, dreams, details, and moments you want your children to remember. I take your journey and put it together in a beautiful heirloom album. Pages filled with your story and pictures. The album itself is the artifact. An artifact of you, your journey and history as a mother.