First Snow

Documentary Photographer Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hollie Stokes Photography

When I watch my children experience something new for the first time, I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic for my own childhood. Being a native Texan, snow was exciting and special; despite the cold temperatures, I wanted nothing more than to hear the snow crunch under my boots. Inside, my mother always had something warm to drink--hot cocoa or apple cider. My brothers and I would fill our bellies with the warm, sweet goodness then head back out adventuring again. These moments are short lived but indefinitely sweet. In this snowy season, I’m thankful I can slow down enough to cherish these things once again with my children. I hope they’ll look back on these days as fondly as I do, remembering how the snow crunched under their boots and that sweet warm goodness that waited inside for them.