Hollie Stokes Photography Family Documentary Photographer

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our school drop off looks very different than last year. Instead of walking you into school, I drive you to the steps and watch you walk in all by yourself. I must confess, drop off is even more emotional than walking you in on your first day of school. It was the day reality sank in. You’re more than capable of doing so many things without me. As bittersweet as this may be, I couldn't be more proud of you and your new found confidence.

As your mother, it’s my job to help foster confidence in you. This means that sometimes I have to let go of perfection and embrace a little more chaos-- even when I cringe at the mess you make while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,  butchering the bread as you spread the peanut butter, or holding my breath as you pour milk into your cereal bowl. Yes, it would be easier, faster, and a lot less messy for me to do these things for you, but your sense of independence and accomplishment learning to do things on your own far outweighs the mess or the perfection of a perfectly made PB&J.

I am astounded by you. It’s amazing to watch you hone new skills and responsibility daily--every morning you spread your wings a little farther than you would have the day before. It makes the process of letting go much more bearable


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