Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Walking out of Mass, clutching my Grandma Bea’s warm worn hand, she’d often stop to greet friends and exchange pleasantries. I couldn’t have been more than five or six.

“Oh your granddaughter is just beautiful!” friends and acquaintances would exclaim.

Every time we turned to walk away, without fail, she bent over, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Pretty is as pretty does.”  

Grandma Bea explained that my actions and how I treat others are a far greater measure of true beauty than my outward appearance. My heart needed to be pure, kind, and patient. What a notion for a six year old! I understood that I needed these virtues, but it would take me many years to truly understand her meaning. Certainly, Grandma Bea ingrained this phrase into my soul; as an adult,  I continue to hear the echo of her words whenever receiving compliments.

I’ve been surrounded by boys all of my life, and I never imagined I’d be blessed with two pretty daughters. I truly thought my fate was sealed as a boy mom. Now that I have you two,  I can't help but reflect on how the prettiest, most influential women in my life instilled important values and morals--purity, kindness and patience.

But where do I even start with a toddler and newborn? I think we’ll begin with a simple phrase, pretty is as pretty does.

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